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Bliss (6′, 2016)

Decided to overcome life-long intimate barriers, a man promotes a daring sexual encounter at his place.



A physically handicapped man has his daily routines shaken by a visit from a friend and his wife. Otherwise regular, this event opens up to be a genuinely intimate encounter. As they experience their well-hidden desires together, he starts to overcome some of his erotic and love barriers.




This hybrid short story was freely inspired by the leading actor’s confessions triggered by the film’s production process. The couple is played by other non-actors who had never had sex together before. More details about the process can be found in behind-the-scenes recordings and interviews (available soon).



Bliss is part of a trilogy of short films on sexuality (Bliss-Femme-Paradise). Although the three were made under the same concept and production process, each film deals with the main topic in a singular thematic and stylistic approach, thus standing on its own.