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Femme (6′, 2016)

To find freedom as woman, a dancer faces her own divided character.



Behind the scenes, a dancer rehearses the lines of a character who just like her, struggles with the ballet discipline upon her body. What does it mean to be beautiful and feminine? Ideal constraints seem to be transmitted through generations. While she prepares herself for a performance, she meets the power and sensuality of her visceral body in her search for freedom.




The leading actress’ personal life issues of being a dancer, a woman and a mother inspired this hybrid portrait. Some of the character’s lines were borrowed from Aline Sánchez stage performances “Aline Alone” and “Aline Not Alone”, played in many countries. Highly self-reflexive, the film nevertheless combines the director’s own issues about femininity, beauty and freedom. More details about the process can be found in behind-the-scenes recordings and interviews (available soon).



Femme is part of a trilogy of short films on sexuality (Bliss-Femme-Paradise). Although the three were made under the same concept and production process, each film deals with the main topic in a singular thematic and stylistic approach, thus standing on its own.