Júlia Machado has been directing short films with participation and prizes at international film festivals since 2006. She has a Ph.D. in Film and Media Studies from the Faculty of Arts at Aarhus University, where she conducted a practice-based investigation on transgression as a poetic force in art films. B.A. in Journalism and Master in Communication Studies (PUC-Rio), Machado has worked as a journalist, producer, and film editor in various media and film productions. In 2009, she was a jury at Jangada Prize (OCIC/SIGNIS) in the 16º Vitória Cine Vídeo and co-developed the open-university film workshop Cinema: Criação e Pensamento for favela residents in Rio.


Short films

Paradise (2016) Special Jury Award Winner – Short to the Point (Romania, 2016) Festivals/Screenings: SPOT Festival (May 2017), DFI Cinemateket (May 2017)

Bliss (2016) Festival: Short Film Corner (Cannes, May 2016) Screenings: DFI Cinemateket (May 2017), Øst for Paradis (Final Cut, Dec 2015)

Femme (2016) Festival: Int. Meeting on Video-dance and Video-performance (Valencia, Out 2019) Screenings: DFI Cinemateket (May 2017).

Transgressions (2015) Special Screening at the University of Reading (Apr-May 2015).

Paó: Sem Palavras (2008) Festivals: V Ibero Brasil Cine Festival, Hutúz, FestCine Amazônia.

A Cidade dos Jovens (2006) OCIC Honorable Mention Award at RIO International Ethnographic Film Festival 2006