Julia PB


Filmmaker Júlia Machado has been directing short documentary and fiction films prized at international film festivals and has been working as a film editor in various media and film productions since 2006. She has a PhD in Film and Media Studies from the Faculty of Arts at Aarhus University and has been teaching, organizing courses and workshops, and speaking at universities and cultural institutions in Brazil and in Europe. Machado has been a jury in the Jangada Award and has also been working as a journalist, independent media and film producer, scriptwriter, and film curator. 


Short films

Paradise (2016) Special Jury Award Winner – Short to the Point (Romania, 2016) Festivals/Screenings: SPOT Festival (May 2017), DFI Cinemateket (May 2017)

Bliss (2016) Festival: Short Film Corner (Cannes, May 2016) Screenings: DFI Cinemateket (May 2017), Øst for Paradis (Final Cut, Dec 2015)

Femme(2016) Special Screening at DFI Cinemateket (May 2017).

Transgressions (2015) Special Screening at the University of Reading (Apr-May 2015).

Paó: Sem Palavras (2008) Festivals: V Ibero Brasil Cine Festival, Hutúz, FestCine Amazônia.

A Cidade dos Jovens (2006) OCIC Honorable Mention Award at RIO International Ethnographic Film Festival 2006